Friday, November 25, 2011

Eye in the Sky.

I've got to be quick - I'm at work, and while the walls here don't have ears, they literally do have eyes.

I think I've mentioned before that my workplace has a video security system. It's part of the business, and has helped in the past with catching shoplifters and when there is a dispute over cash/etc.

But that all changed yesterday.

Before, someone could view the cameras only if they were up in the office physically sitting in front of the monitor. Now the new owners have made it so that they can monitor the cameras from home on their iPhone or iPad. (Thank you Apple, for taking something that used to be complicated and making an app so any idiot can use it.)

Now I have nothing to hide about what I do while I'm working, but the fact that they have that capability (and are willing to use it) makes it seem more like the security system is more for watching me than watching the ner' do wells who might be in the store.

And that kinda bothers me.

If the system is used to make sure I and my staff are safe and everything is running smoothly, fine. If I get asked why I was talking to someone for a certain period of time or why I wasn't "in view" at a certain time, then I'm going to have a problem.

We'll see how it goes - I'm sure the novelty of watching people do nothing but work will lose it's appeal after a while - after you've been in the building all day are you really going to want to sit and watch from home? I don't think so. (Only if you have no life.)

But I've got to go - who knows if Big Brother is watching...



  1. Yikes! You should probably be getting paid more for starring in their reality tv show, no?

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