Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Just Chuck It.

So I wasn't able to fix my Laptop myself.

The power jack has popped off the motherboard and needs to be re-soldered. It's a fairly common problem with laptops, and makes me realize that Apple's magnet-chargecord-thing actually makes sense. (Don't tell my Apple-fanboy brother - he'll just gloat.)

So I called the 3 places locally that can fix my problem.

The first one was Staples, who understood my problem and would charge me $50 just to LOOK at it, and then quote me what it would cost to fix. That's like a hooker charging just to look at the goods before quoting the cost to suck your dick.

Fuck that shit.

The next one was a local shop - the guy understood the problem immediately - he then proceeded to tell me that it was irreparable and that I might as well buy a new computer. Wtf? If that one little piece means a new computer, shouldn't it be the most reinforced piece in there? 

Fuck that shit too.

The 3rd guy finally hit the spot. He said its a common repair that they do, should take a couple of hours, and would run me about $100. No extra charges, no pushing for a sale. The only downfall is that it might take 2 days due to backlog. I've already been without for two, so what's a couple more?

The callous attitude of the second guy really pissed me off. For a bit of solder and a couple hours, I'm better off to throw away a $700 laptop that works perfectly? Have we become so disposable a society that chucking things is preferable to even attempting to fix it?

Fuck all that shit. Just fix it.

So now I'm waiting, but I can look forward to getting my "precious" back soon. (Blogging from the phone is losing its charm..)

I'm glad hospitals don't work that way - otherwise I'm not taking the Kids in if they ever break an arm.



  1. That would be also a solution to my answer. How genius you are.

  2. Ouch.
    I feel for ya.
    But watch out. Everything is disposable nowadays, so take particular care of those precious kids.