Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bustin' My Nutella.

I'm mostly a Peanut Butter fan - along with Coffee and Gin, it completes my Trinity of Scared Foods.

Now it has a partner - not all the time, but just on special occasions. (ie: Whenever I feel like it.)


Some Nutella with Peanut Butter on Toast?

It's like a orgasm of choco-peanut ecstasy.

If someone told me meth tasted like that, I'd be hooked in a minute.

If you've had it, you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't - you should. Stop reading and go try it.

Right now.

Really - I'll wait.



Put that with a Coffee, and it has to be the best way to start your day. (Non-sexual of course.)

Fuck it - I'm going to have one right now. I deserve it.

Hey Nutella? Have you ever thought about getting together with Starbucks (or Tim Hortons), and Tanqueray and sponsering a blog? I know a guy who's interested...



  1. Nutella is crazy delicious..... and hey dont knock bringing it into the bedroom.... the freaks I know highly recommend it!

  2. You should try nutella and graham crackers, or nutella and banana crepes!

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