Monday, November 07, 2011

I Feel:

- That Michael Jackson's relevance died long before he did.

- That people who insist upon arguing with an expert in their field (ie: Me with Dairy Products) should be publicly ridiculed for their ignorance and then drawn & quartered.

- That more people should respect the Ginger 'stache. It gets no love at all.

- That the bitch who asked if my "Frotch" matched my 'stache should have been willing to look for herself.

- That having the Sidekick Tweet about the 49er's means he's too embarrassed to Tweet about the Habs.

- That tonight's scheduled operation on my laptop makes me feel half Dr. Oz, half Dr. Frankenstien. ("Tell me what's wrong so I can make you live!!!!")

- That Chocolate Cheerios let me feel like I'm being healthy and dirty at the same time. It's what I imagine fucking a hot (yet dirty) personal trainer would be like.

- That maybe Greece could go to one of those Payday Loan places. Borrowing a couple of billion - how bad could the interest be?

- That someday I just wish my shoes would tie themselves.

- That the only person more disappointed than Greedo in Han's ability to shoot first is Leia - and maybe Chewie.



  1. haha.... ya leia was dissapointed!!! As for the ginger stache... its on the same level as the flesh colored beard for me.... and chocolate cheerios are crazy delicious I agree!!

  2. This is great. I love ginger staches!

  3. Frotch. Hm. This is a new one.