Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Feel:

  1. That in my quest to always know where the remote for the T.V. is, I've discovered I can't find my cordless phone.
  2. That I finally saw a positive YouTube comment. It was "Now God wants his hands back." and it was in response to this. (What caught my eye was that the spelling and grammar were correct - a rarity for those who have ever delved into the abyss that is YouTube comments.)
  3. That I've found a song that perfectly matches my running cadence - it's this. (And the Sidekick will now disown me.) Luckily KOL's Fans still matches it too.
  4. That as sexy as Lulemon pants are, when you walk into an aisle at work and a 300lb-ish lady is "adjusting" hers, they lose all sex appeal.
  5. That wishing scrubbing with bleach worked on mental pictures doesn't make it so.
  6. That because I'm trying to eat healthy and get back into running shape, the 7-11 that's 3 blocks from my house just has to put a special on 2 Donuts for $1. (It's all the proof I need that there's a God and he hates me.)
  7. That I'm so glad I don't carry any money with me when I run.
  8. That the amount of comments I get on the Ginger-stache means that nobody ever looked at my face before.
  9. That it makes me wonder what they were checking out instead....
  10. That having my laptop back in fine working order (and at half the price I expected to pay) makes the nerd in me extremely happy.
  11. That, like Spinal Tap's amps, this post is awesome because it goes to 11.


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