Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not Feelin' It.

This Work thing really isn't fun today.

I'm on lunch right now, and I'm practically counting down the hours until I'm done. The fact that I'm going on days off after today just makes it seem like every minute is crawling by at a pace only a handicapped turtle could match.

I've been doing my job, but since I'm not "in the zone" - I've been letting my mind wander and thinking some random thoughts - nothing special, just stuff like:

  •  Why do really old women bathe in perfume before they go out in public? Is it because they can't smell themselves or is it some sort of elderly mating ritual?
  • How did Rod Stewart ever have a career?
  • Do really fat women wear thongs? Why? Wouldn't a tent be better for overall surface area coverage?
  • Is that why they are called "Whale Tails"?
  • After contemplating that, am I going to be able to eat my lunch?
  • Why is the Bible against piercings and tattoos? Jesus had his hands and feet pierced, and no one said shit.
  • Do carpets look different to midgets?
  • How come the minute I come out of the walk-in freezer, I have to pee?
As you can see, I'm pretty much trying to solve the universe's problems while I'm coasting through my workday. Feel my pain.

Unfortunately, lunch is over and I have to go back now.

Maybe I'll end up with answers to some of my questions... at least it'll make the time go by.



  1. Do carpets look better to midgets? hahahaha!!! Yes and so do ceilings!!

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