Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'Stache-is Update

First, the excuses:
  1. It's a close up.
  2. Crappy cellphone picture.
  3. The colour's are washed out, de-emphasizing the ginger-yness of it.
  4. You can't see my piercing blue eyes.
Secondly, the positives:
  1. It's mostly symetrical.
  2. It's stopped itching so much.
  3. It centers the roundness of my face.
  4. It's helping to cure cancer.
This pic is a couple of days old, so visulize it looking even more manly and that's where I'm at now.

I'm almost getting used to it, but I feel the day that it stops feeling uncomfortable will be the day I shave it off. (It's the under-the-nose part that bugs me the most - always feels like I have a booger or something.) Still, I'm proud of it, and the fact that I get comments on it every day means it's doing it's job as well.

What can I say? Ginger 'Staches rule Movember.



  1. Ginger staches are totally acceptable.... however all you flesh-colored beard wearers out there. You look creepy!

  2. I will report beulgeuro.

    Please hear my blog ^ ^