Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Whole Story.

I tweeted the other day about a Telemarketer telling me to fuck off. After making such an outrageous claim, I was rightfully called to task by one of my friends who said, and I quote, "Blog post or it didn't happen."

Since he is the Master of Messing with Telemarketers, my story will not compare in the least to any of his - but it still felt like an accomplishment.

- So I'm at home the other day, playing with the Boys, and the phone rings. The call display flashes "Illinois" and I automatically know it's a Telemarketer, but for some reason I pick up anyway.

Normally I don't care about Telemarketers, I usually give them a minute or so to start their story and then cut them off politely and ask to not be on their list again. Most of the ones that I get are calling for charities, so there's no point in giving them a hard time.

However, this one was a scam call. You may have heard of it - they call you at home, say they are from Microsoft or whatever and that your computer is infected and sending out personal information. They then try to instruct you to sign on to their website and download something to protect yourself. 

Maybe it's because I'm a geek, maybe it's because I don't like to see people be targeted because of their ignorance in regards to technology - but this type of scam just passes me off. It's not like that "Nigerian Prince" scam - where your own greed and stupidity is your downfall - it's targeting innocent people who just want to protect their personal information.

For some reason, as soon as he started talking and I realized what the scam was, I lost it. I interrupted him, and basically started ripping into him.

What were my words, exactly? Looking back, its hard to say, because when I get rambling, its hard to stop. I started out with how I thought that what they do or are trying do is fucking sick, and that praying upon people's ignorance is for losers and people without a conscience. (I know, me talking about conscience is funny, right?) I then said that it doesn't matter if it is his company or not, but questioned if it made him feel like a "fucking superhero" to trick old people and anyone who doesn't know better. I then asked if I could call his mother's house and see if she was proud of what her "fucking loser child" does.

Pretty sure that's what did it - the Mom comment - because right after that, he said "Fuck You" and hung up on me. My only disappointment was that it didn't last longer. (I now know how my wife feels.)

So that's the whole story.

Not as glamourous or funny as the type of stuff you usually read about, but it felt good anyways. I'm pretty sure they won't call back again, but if they do, I've been browsing Urban Dictionary and have some really good phrases to use next time.

Kinda hoping they do call...


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