Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Of Note.

Out of sheer curiosity, who do you have to fuck to make it in this town?

While I'm not above whoring this place out via Twitter, the thing that seems to elude me is making the goddamn list on Blogs of Note.

It sits there, whenever I log into my Blogger Dashboard, a little tan-colored tab that mocks me for not being included amongst the chosen ones. I've looked at what gets selected and feel insulted at how they could have made it and have not. With the exception of the newly discovered A Beer for the Shower, most of the stuff on this month's list is crap - yet it's exactly that crap that I want to be a part of.

(I know that says all sorts of fucked-up shit about me, but since this isn't a psychological blog, we'll just ignore that, right?)

So back to my original question: Who makes the selection process? What is the criteria? Do I have to do anything dirty, and if so, is it okay if I don't look them in the eye after?

I need answers, people.


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:27 am

    Poor Rambler. I feel for you..that beer blog really sucks and I gave it a quick five second scan and nothing held my attention, except the bright yellow color. Who wants to see that at midnight?

    Yours, though profane at times is genuinely witty and amusing! I've been plugging through your august postings and your three for six for laughs. That's pretty good.

    The half dozen other blogs I skimmed only kept my attention the same as Beer bozo. Nada.