Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Afternoon Delight.

I'm not sure if I've said it before, but I work in a cell-phone dead zone.

It's not truly dead - there is some coverage, but most of the time it's zero bars or "no service". (Shitty, I know.)

When I had my old cell phone, it was a minor inconvenience. However, once you get a smartphone and are used to having the world at your fingertips, being cut off is a bitch. (I can see those of you who live in major urban centres going "Dead Zone? What's he talking about? Does he live under a bridge? Is he a Troll?")

The other bitch is the drain on my phone's battery - all that searching for a 3G or Wi-fi, as well as Apps trying to update when there's no signal, sucks the juice from it pretty quick. Easy to solve as I just turn everything except SMS off when I'm working.

And thus the only plus of the whole matter and the reason for the title of today's post - The joy I feel everytime I go on lunch.

The minute I head up the stairs for lunch I pull out my phone, turn on my wireless and updates, drop it in the one corner of the lunchroom that gets reception, and watch it light up with notices, tweets, emails, and such.

Now that's a wonderful moment - connected once again to the digital world. (Albeit briefly, as lunch is only for an hour.)

Don't judge me - you know you'd be the same if you were in my shoes.


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  1. Anonymous12:31 am

    I wouldn't have known what you meant about a dead zone a month ago, troll, but now that I do, it makes perfect sense.

    You also explained why the battery is dying so fast. I thought it was a sucky battery. You just saved me $20 bucks. Thanks.

    4 for 7...