Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Feel:

- That no matter what your job is, coming back from holidays is a bitch. (Porn might be the exception to this rule.)
- That the more I read Chuck Klosterman, the more I want to hug a vinyl album.
- That going to the library and seeing more people Facebooking on the computers than browsing the stacks is kinda depressing.
- That no matter what the season, Lulemon is a welcome sight.
- That at some point in my life, I want to slap a mime for no reason, just to see if they'd break character.
- That dogs are like kids, cats are like roommates, and hampsters kinda taste like chicken.
- That some of the people I follow on Twitter are so incredibly funny that I imagine them spending all their free time thinking of funny shit to say just to me.
- That if imitation is the highest form of flattery, you've never been retweeted by more than 5 people.
- That I bet Gordon Ramsey is a really nice guy who, deep down inside, believes every problem can be solved with a hug.
- That if I had to make a Bucket List, drop-kicking a Unicorn would be up there, probably behind throwing darts at Justin Beiber.


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