Friday, August 05, 2011

I Feel...

- That it is hard to feel bad for someone's sunburn when they show you how bad it is by pulling out a boob.
- That the best way to start your day is with cleavage. (See above)
- That as much as I love egg salad, I feel guilty eating it, as I know the people around me will be paying the price later.
- That knowing I start holidays in less than 4 hours makes being at work seem like cruel & unusual punishment. (Come see where I work, and you'll understand the "unusual" tag.)
- That somehow, the word "trickling" sounds just a bit dirty.
- That just because I work with a guy who wants to be a hero doesn't mean I have to be the villian.
- That listening to an extremely unattractive woman talk about the kinky hotel-room sex she had the other night makes me wish I would have reconsidered the egg salad.
- That if it wasn't for the haphazard personal grooming back then, I think I would have liked the 70's.
- That even the Nazi's had Grammar Nazis.
- That once you've made a Nazi joke, you really have no where else to go.
- That I've come to the conclusion that everybody bitches, hardly anyone is happy, and all they do is whine.
- That I have a blog for all those things, so it makes me better than them.


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