Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm really picky with my coffee.

(I understand to some of you that saying I'm picky about coffee and going to Tim Hortons is hypocritical, but it's my blog, so fuck off if you don't agree.)

So it goes without saying that I DON'T drink the shit coffee in the breakroom at work - I bring an instant I like from home and make it when I'm on coffee/lunch.

But due to an unforeseen old cream/my fresh coffee incident at lunch I was forced to throw out my coffee (now riddled with yogurt-like chunks) and find an alternative.

Enter: Tea.

It's been eons since I've had a cup of tea - usually reserved for colds and the odd time when I run out of coffee. I decided that caffeine was caffeine no matter the source and made a cup.

- I even got fancy with it - steeped it extra long, put good cream in it, used some honey for sweetness. I did that shit up right.

After a nervous fist sip, I realized everything was going to be okay. And only one guy at work called me gay when he saw what I was drinking. (My comeback was that when he's not looking, I stir his coffee with my dick, so who's drinking gay shit now, eh?)

I might not switch to Tea full time, but it's better than no caffeine at all. And believe me, having just got back from holidays means I need my fix at work more than ever, or else someone is going to lose an eye.

Let that thought steep for a while, eh?



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