Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I don't normally play games on my phone. Let's just say I installed Angry Birds and then uninstalled it again.

(The Angry Birds phenomenon is a whole other post - I really don't get that one at all.)

However, I had a friend introduce me to Scrabble Online and I'm hooked. I was up until 1:30am the other night finishing a game with someone just because it was so close in score and I was on a good roll and didn't want to put it away.

The things I used to loathe about the game when I was younger are some of the things I like so much now: the strategy, the vocabulary, and the fact that you're actually learning while you play. (Who knew Qi and Xi were words?)

It's nice because there's no pressure for time - you submit your word, it gets graded and scored, and then it's the other guys turn - but you move on to your next random game until it's your turn in that game again. I'm playing 5 games right now - and only losing in one so far, thanks.

If you're down with the Scrabble, look me up - there's only one "MidlifeRambler" - and I can do wicked things with X, Q, J, V, and even the letter Y.

Bring it.



  1. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Can't find ya.

    Are ya using the real scrabble game or a fake-simile?

    - b

  2. I'm using the Scrabble Android App - it's the real deal, sir.