Friday, August 19, 2011

Sidekicking It.

I'm enjoying the start of two days hanging in Victoria with the Sidekick.

The plans?

Last night was Poker night - played at a friend of the Sidekick's house - and like my Tweet implied, it was like watching monkeys juggle flaming chainsaws. That, combined with not having played in a couple months, meant my stack did not grow as I would have hoped. Thank God there was alcohol.

The other bonus? Denny's at 2am. I love me some breakfast when I'm drunk. And eating Whole Wheat Pecan Pancakes with scrambled Egg Whites means that I'm making up for destroying my liver earlier in the evening.

Right now we are enjoying coffee, about to record a podcast (ohhhh yeah - it'll be up in a couple of days) and enjoy everything Victoria has to offer before going to the John Butler Trio concert tonight.

See? I knew you'd be jealous.

More to come.


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