Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I Gotta Get In There.

So I'm at work yesterday, slaving away down an aisle, and I hear a commercial come on over the radio.

Now, normally I ignore the radio as much as possible, but when I hear the words "erotic toys" and "lingerie" thrown around, I pay attention.

It was a commercial for a boutique in Courtneay, and the whole reason I'm writing about it isn't because they were having a half price sale on vibrators, (They aren't) but because of the tagline they used at the end of the commercial.

You know what a tagline is, right? If not, I'm not going to explain it for you - that's what Wikipedia is for.

So what caught my attention? What was the tagline that made me laugh for about five minutes after hearing it? What could possibly be the best advertising slogan ever for an erotic boutique?

Secret Drawers: Please come inside us. (Sung in that perky, sing-song commercial voice)

Is that not the greatest thing ever?

Bravo, marketing people, bravo! I want to go there just based on that - forget what they sell. Anyone with a grasp of the double-entedre like that is someone I have to meet.

But don't worry - if I see a cheap vibrator, I'll pick one up for ya.


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