Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fuck You, Mats Sudin.

Let me set the record straight - I'm Not a Vancouver Canucks Fan, (Go Avs!) but even I think it's retarded that Mats Sundin hasn't responded yet to the offer the Canucks put in front of him on July 1st.

2 years - $20 Million.

Is he fucking nuts?

At least give them an answer. I'd understand if you said no right away - nobody wants to dance with the Ugly Chick at the party - but to put them on hold and keep their hopes up, that's like telling the Ugly Girl you'll dance with her when you hear a song that's "Just right for the two of you".

And that's just mean.

For twenty million dollars I'll steal the Stanley Cup and bring it to Vancouver.

So what's he waiting for? A better offer? Not even the Habs are dumb enough to try and offer him more money than that. He should get off his ass and reply already. Let the Hockey world move on.

Personally, I think that if he doesn't take it he's retarded - but he's been playing in Toronto for so long, I'm sure he's halfway there already.


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  1. ok so it's not that the dude hasen't responded to the offer. He has stated that he was flattered by the offer and if it was just about money he would have signed already with the (fucking) Canucks. However he has not even decided to play yet and that is where the stand still has come from, Dude can't make up his mind if he even wants to play yet.

    I say the Canaucks can have him. The Habs just just go out and sign Selanne and Shannahan and be done with it. Sundin doesn't fit in the Habs system anyway...fucker...by the way..the Avs sucks..