Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Breakfast Redundancy.

I'll just never understand people sometimes.

We just received this new product in at work, Kraft Bagel-fuls.

They are bagel-textured tubes of bread filled with cream cheese. You throw them in your toaster or microwave and eat 'em "on the go". It's supposed to be a time-saver for those people who are in a hurry.

Doesn't the regular bagel already fill all of the above requirements?

Lets see:
  • Heat in toaster - Check.
  • Eat with your hands - Check.
  • Ability to contain cream cheese - Check.
Yeah - that's what I thought - this product is absolutely useless. You are already using the toaster to heat your regular bagel, so how are you saving time here? If you can't spare the 3.6 seconds it takes to spread cream cheese on said bagel, you have a lot more things to worry about than breakfast, my friend. If you don't like the mess of spreading it yourself, maybe you can stop at one of the many coffeehouses that seem to be everywhere. I'd be surprised if they didn't have bagels and cream cheese.

I think I'm going to inwardly laugh whenever I see someone buying one of these. Sure, you'll never know the horror of opening your fridge to find you've run out of cream cheese, but that's about the only plus I can see - and as I said before - if that's how stressed your mornings can get, you have larger problems that need addressing.

Usually I'm all about the free sample to try these things out. I took a pass on these - if I'm going to go down the long dark path of bread and bread products, I'll do it with a real bagel, like God intended.


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