Friday, July 25, 2008

Beverage Spectrum.

If there is one thing I'll never understand, it's people who eat blue food.

I'm not talking about Blueberries - I'm referring to the bright, florescent type drinks that seem so popular right now. It just seems wrong to me.

I used to know a guy whose favorite drink was Vodka and Blue Kool-Aid. That's great if you are an adolescent alcoholic who doesn't know any better, but in a 20- something guy? You think he'd pick something a little more manly. (I guess it's a favorite in Port Alberni.)

It just gags me to see someone chugging back some unholy, unnaturally bright concoction - how can you believe anything that colour is actually good for your body? Think of the work your kidneys have to go through filtering out all the shit they put in it just to make it bright and shiny - it blows my mind.

(And when you are on dialysis - don't worry - I won't say I told you so.)


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