Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Bridge Too Far.

Remember my Coworker? The one that talks too much?

Things just got a whole lot worse.

She was having some problems with her teeth - I'm not sure what, as I wasn't paying attention when she was going on about it. In the end she needed some work done while she was on her holidays, and came back with a partial bridge on her front bottom teeth.

The problem is, she now has a slight whistle/lisp when she talks.

I don't think she's noticed it yet, and if she has she's not drawing attention to it. It's hard to ignore, though, as it's like talking to someone who's been eating crackers and trying to whistle. I'm sure it's frustrating for her, but it's down-right annoying for the rest of us. (Like I couldn't stand to hear her talk before.)

I am being civil about it, though - which is a change for me. I know I'd hate to be in the same situation, and I think that the other staff would take it easy on me if I was.

Who am I fucking kidding? - They'd make my life a living hell if they had the chance, and I'm turning down a prime opportunity for some revenge - payback for all the times I had to sit through her inane prattle in the coffee room.

I think I'll start off by calling her Snagglepuss.... and go downhill from there.


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