Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good vs. Evil

Good: Going to The Gym this morning.
Evil: Having a Sausage w/Egg McMuffin with the Wife and Youngest afterwards.

Good: Having The Youngest pee on the potty and giving him his reward.
Evil: Having him shit his pants 15 minutes later.

Good: Skipping my run this morning because of the pouring rain.
Evil: Having the sun shine brightly when there is no chance I can go running.

Good: Having a health conscious Subway Dinner with the kids.
Evil: Running 5K an hour later, and almost throwing up because I feel full of bread.

Good: Even being full of bread, only being one minute below my best time.
Evil: The compulsion I have to go out and better that as soon as I can. (You know The Sidekick's gonna suffer, right?)


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