Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pace Yourself.

I've had 4 runs so far with my Nike+ Sportband.

I'm digging it.

Being the visual guy that I am, I like to be able to load my runs into the computer and "see" my progress. It's also nice to be able to set goals and watch as you make progress on them. (I thought I'd start with 90 miles in 30 days - should be able to do that, right?)

So why did I go with the Sportband and not the iPod plug in? For one, I like my Zune, and enjoy running with it. I also sometimes like to run with just the natural sounds around me: birds, cars, my own tortured wheezing... (I kid, I kid.)

Sure, I could have gone with a GPS unit, Like the Garmin 405 (Sexy!) but I also didn't want to drop $300+ dollars on something I'm just trying out. Maybe, in the future, I might go that way - but for now, the Sportband is great.

Just so you know my stats so far:

4 runs - 15.06 miles total ( 24.23Km)
Avg Pace - 8'21/Mile (5'11/Km)
Fastest mile - 7'25
Fastest 5K - 25'22
Longest Run (so far) - 6.47 Miles

I'm going to be working on improving those, especially before I go to Victoria. (21 Days!)

See you on the streets...


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