Monday, September 22, 2008

King Of The Lanes.

So I've gone back to Bowling.

I used to bowl competitively for ages, but quit it about 4-5 years ago - the league I was in was just too intense, and I wasn't having any fun. It's not that I didn't like the sport, but it was just too negative and I would have rather spent that time at home.

My old team is still (mostly) together, and they asked if I could be the backup - the guy who gets called if someone is sick or can't make it. I agreed - but said that I couldn't do it all the time, just occasionally.

Tonight was one of those nights.

Sure, the decor in the old alley has changed, but that's about it. There's a bigger T.V. in the lounge and they've put in computerized scoring, but it's still the same guys throwing the balls and drinking the beers. After I walked in, I realized I knew at least 97% of the people from when I bowled before. (Some of these guys don't know when to quit.)

There's the fat guy who wheezes a lot when picking up the ball, (There's more than one version of him.) The guy who is really into analyzing the breakdown of the match (it's all done by the computer, retard), the guy who has the rank B.O. but nobody says anything because we are all nice Canadians, and the guy who has more supplemental equipment attached to him than is really necessary to throw a ball. (The only sport that exceeds Bowling for useless things that are supposed to help your game is Golf. Seriously, I'm not kidding.)

All in all I did well, considering it's been so long since I bowled - the guys were impressed with the strength of my throw - I didn't mention the gym, instead I told them it's my masturbation arm.

I'm covering for a guy for the next two Bowling nights, so we'll see if my skills are truly back or if I'm just a flash in the pan.

See you on the lanes.


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