Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where Credit Is Due...

I'm getting tired of admitting he's right.

I used to (and still do) give The Sidekick grief over his musical choices. I still think that 85% of them are shit - (I just can't get into James Brown) but there are a few gems that he suggests.

He'll point out a band and tell me how fantastic they are, but it's not usually until the 763rd time he mentions them that I actually pay attention.

(I should give him more credit, he is the guy who re-introduced me to Pearl Jam. We'll forget about the failed experiment that was The Tragically Hip.)

But a while ago he mentioned (for the 764th time) a band called Kings Of Leon. I decided to give their album Because Of The Times a listen, and really enjoyed it. ( At least half the songs are on my running playlist on the Zune.) I hadn't had a chance to hear the new album Only By The Night yet, but when The Sidekick stopped in to see me at work today he told me that he'd heard it, and since I loved the last album so much I was really going to dig this one.

He's right.

I'm on my second listen through as I type this right now.

It rocks.
(And I mean that as a former long-haired glam headbanger from the late 80's - when using the word "rocks" to describe music actually meant something.)

So Thank You, Sidekick - you were right yet again.

(He's never going to let me live this down.)


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