Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crazy Like A Fox

Highlights from my 8K run in the 2008 Terry Fox Run:
  • 41:00 - My time for the run. 2 laps of 4K each. (As an afterthought, I should have done the 12K.)
  • Having only three guys finish ahead of me - One's a marathoner, one's a longtime runner, and the other guy was only 25 feet in front of me.
  • Watching the one girl that passed me (snottily) slow down and start walking at about the 6K mark. As I ran by her, I picked up my pace just a little, because I could.
  • Getting high fives from the wife and kidlets as I lapped them my second time around. (They were walking the course.)
  • Having The Boy run into my arms at the finish line, were I was waiting for them after I was done.

Talk about a great fuckin' day. Awesome.


1 comment:

  1. Man. I only went over to a buddy's place and played Rock Band 2.

    You win. Even though when White Wedding comes up as a random request on Rock Band 2, your awesomeness is only by a smidgen.