Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am so fucking hungry lately it's amazing. I can't help it.

I get up in the morning, hit the gym or road and then head home for a shower/breakfast. (Not at the same time - I'm not eating toast in there or anything) I then head to work and bust my hump until my coffee break.

On said coffee break, I demolish an apple, banana, or other tasty fruit like it was the last one on earth - between swigs of water and coffee, of course. Then I head back to work and count down until lunchtime.

Lunch is where it gets embarrassing.

You see, I take out my lunch and throw it into the microwave - then, while its being bombarded with nothing but the safest radiation, I'm already eating the rice snacks I brought to have as dessert after I've eaten my lunch. I'm eating while I'm waiting to eat - how sad is that?

Luckily I've been smart, anticipated my gluttony and brought another rice snack to have after. But that leaves me with nothing if I decide to actually take my last coffee break.

Which is okay, because I can wait until dinner - I think.

Thankfully, even with all this eating, my weight is still staying the same (I'm lean and mean, y'all) - if it wasn't for running and the gym, I'd be rolling around the store.

I do watch my calorie intake, and its just the past couple of days that I find myself to be an eating machine. To be honest, right now I'm eyeballing the container of freshly-baked Chocolate Chip Banana Bread muffins sitting on the lunchroom table..

Nope - I'll be strong. I'm going to tell myself that they look like shit, probably taste horrible, and would add at least 3 minutes to my next race.

That did it. I'm good now.*


*However, if they're still there when I take my last coffee, there's no guarantees.


  1. Maybe you're pregnant.

  2. This made me laugh - because I do the exact same thing. Eat while I'm waiting to eat - that's me! At least you are eating healthy. I can't say the same thing of myself lately :)