Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Motions.

*If you are my Boss, and have stumbled upon this by accident, just move on - know that I'm working hard and loving every minute of it. *

I can't stand being at work today.

It's not that there is anything really WRONG with work, it's just that I'm I'm totally not in the mood to be here. I'm doing my job, getting stuff done, but I'll admit, my heart's not into it. I'm just going through the motions, waiting for the night to end.

The day is cold and windy, so I'd rather be chillin on the couch, sipping a coffee and watching a movie than be dealing with the Grocery and Dairy sections and their assorted responsibilities.

If my job didn't entail actually closing down and locking up the store tonight, I'd just send myself home - my lack of enthusiasm for this place can't be good for me.

Normally I'm focused on getting whatever needs to be done completed as fast as we can with the most fun for everyone involved - I'm THAT guy at work. The chipper, cheerfull asshole who makes the tedium of the job go by a bit better thanks to my easy-going manner and sense of humor. (Yeah, I know that sounds self centered, but it's what I've been told - and they were sober when they told me, so I'm taking them at face value.)

But today?


Oh I'm doing the job, (If you are my Boss and have disregarded the previous warning and are still reading, I've got everything done and the place looks great) its just that I'm not upbeat about it. I'm slogging through it like everyone else normally does.

And the hours are dragging by.

There's just over 4 hours left in my shift, and if I'm lucky it will only feel like 14.



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  1. You stated my feelings about work perfectly :) This post cracked me up! Hope you made it through your shift painlessly!