Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Feel:

- That having to drive my Mom to Victoria (3+ hours each way) for a 20 minute Doctor appointment made me want to carve a shank out of a tounge deppressor and use the Doctor's own lab coat to stash his body.

- That the fact he was delivering good news was his only salvation.

- That seeing what appeared to be a 100-year-old man sleeping in a chair made me lose all hope for a quick visit when we entered the waiting room.

- That my car, tiny as it may be, is a mass murderer in the flying-bug world. Don't you think they'd learn to fly a bit higher and avoid my grille?

- That losing weight means my now-boney ass hates sitting in a car for that long. Either that or I have to seriously pad the drivers seat in the car. Maybe with some pillows. Or a puppy.

- That shutting off my alarm clock and going back to sleep this morning was a wonderful experience. God bless the Late Shift.

- That now that I'm at work, I'd like to re-evaluate my opinion of the late shift. Sure, sleeping in is great, but now I'm here AND I'm missing the start of the playoffs.

- That you know it's playoff time because I didn't want to punch the talkative guy next to me on the treadmill this morning- even though he was a walker - because he was talking hockey.

-That the prudent thing to do before starting to grow my playoff beard would be to check with the wife and get her opinion.

- That it's easier to beg for forgiveness than it is to ask permission. Especially when it comes to facial hair.

- That its going to take copious amounts of coffee and possibly a dancing midget to make the rest of this night bearable. And I'm all out of midgets.

It's going to be a loooong night.


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