Friday, April 06, 2012

Invisible Children.

*Warning: Some parents may hate me after reading this.*

I haven't seen my kids since Sunday.

It's not that they've disowned me, or that I live in some huge Silver Spoons -type mansion and have lost them, it's just that they aren't here.

It's Friday - Do you know where your children are?!?

What with work, Spring Break, and the scheduling of my last two races, the Wife and I have had to work on some of the same days, which totally messes up our I-have-the-kids-while-she-works-and-vice-versa routine.

Luckily, we have a great support system in town for times like these. My Mother-in-Law, My Parents, and the Wife's Brother & Sister-in-Law have always been wonderful and stepped up to help out when the schedule gets a bit wonky.

But now they won't give them back.

The kids weren't up Monday when I went to the gym and then to work. The Mother-in-Law wanted to take them for a couple of days during Spring Break, so she snagged them that evening before I got home. She kept them Tuesday night as well, and then the Wife's Brother said he and his wife wanted them for the next night. I figured with work and such, I wasn't going to see them until Thursday.


I guess the kids are being extra-special-behaved, because the Brother-in-Law asked to keep them another night. It turns out that they were going to watch the Boys for us on Saturday anyway, (That pesky work thing again) so they've said that they might as well keep them tonight as well and we can just pick them up Saturday night. (I also work Saturday night, so technically I won't see them until Easter morning.)

So the Wife and I have been living like a newlywed couple for a week. I've been able to hit the gym or run when I want, she's been able to sleep in and relax, and we've been having fantastic meals, enjoyable evenings,  and fucking like bunnies.

Left: With kids. Right: Without.

(Not to rub that last one in, but those of you with children know what I'm talking about - it's just waaaaay different when the kids aren't asleep down the hall, or sick, or just getting up for a drink of water...)

While I'm certainly liking all of this "Us" time, I'm also looking forward to the moment when we get them back. Sure, there will be a day or two of breaking them back into the regular household routine after a wild week away from home (Where, according to them, there are no rules and cake is served at Breakfast.) and then things will settle back to normal, and we can have some great family time together before they go back to school.

I'm also looking forward to letting my body "rest", if you know what I mean... The gym and running are hard enough - throw in some random "cardio" (wink, wink, nudge,nudge) when you least expect it, and you can see why I might need a break from my break, so to speak.

I know that eventually the kids will be back, there will be a meltdown/crisis/fight of some sort between the two, and the Wife and I can look at each other and just have that unspoken "Remember when?" look before we go in and break it up.

And then I'll wonder why I missed them in the first place.


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