Monday, April 23, 2012

In the Long Run: Random.

Continuing the ongoing back-and-forth between myself and Triple T about our weekly Long Runs.

This week is a Random kind of week - I'm still doing maintenance runs until the 3rd week of May, and Triple T just finished her last Long Run before her taper begins. Because of this randomness, I present to you Random Running Facts about me:

According to my Nike+, I:
  • Usually run on a Tuesday - and that I run 4 times a week on average. I never would have figured Tuesday to be my major running day - I guess Sundays get all the glory, but when you get right down to it, nothing beats a Tuesday.
  • That the furthest I've ever ran is 26.9 miles. I'm pretty sure the calibration on my Nike was off that day - I know I did 26.2 - and unless you're counting my shuffle towards the chocolate milk and muffins I didn't go farther than that.
  • Have ran a mile in 5'04", a 5K in 20'05, and a 10K in 43'55".  I swear I've been faster on the 10K, but maybe I was just dreaming I was a Kenyan. And I'm pretty sure that mile time must have been downhill.
  • Have an average pace of 8'13". Hopefully my Tempo runs in my marathon program can help improve that.
Running Stuff I want for my 40th Birthday: (Fast approaching, believe me.)
My Wrist + This = Sexy.
  • My entry into the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon. Some may not think it's a gift, but I can just tell them they basically got me a shirt and a medal, just with some conditions attached.
  • The Nike+  GPS Sportwatch. I know Garmin's are dead sexy, but I've had Nike for years and this next step up would be awesome. Plus, it's flashy looking.
  • New shoes. Like the marathon entry, it's something I am just going to buy myself anyway. However, the individual who comes across with these, or even a gift certificate towards part of these, will instantly become my favorite person. C'mon - what's better than buying somebody something you know they are going to use?
  • But I don't want shorts. I mean, I do want shorts, but I don't want anyone to buy them for me - it just seems creepy.
According to Me, I:
  • Look funny when I run. My gait isn't bad, but I don't have that whole "gliding" motion that all the good runners seem to have. You know how they make it look effortless? Well I make it look anything but.
  • Sweat too much. I know running is a workout, but I guess for me it's a shower as well.
  • Could be faster if I tried. But I secretly hate intervals. I can do them, but there is nothing pleasant about the process.
 My Next Few Goals:
  • Turn 40 in 34 days. I'm pretty sure I can do this one no problem.
  • Start Marathon training on May 21st.
  • Stay injury free. (I'm going to try stretching and shit.)
  • First Marathon Goal: Finish.
  • Second Marathon Goal: Finish under 3:30:00
  • Third Marathon Goal: Qualify for Boston (3:15:00)
That last one's a bit lofty, but if I pull it off, you'll hear my howls of joy echoing across North America.

So that's a bit of randomness from me - now see what Triple T has spun on the wheel of her thoughts...



  1. OMG! I am SO envious of your speed! It occurred to me recently that if I ran faster, I wouldn't have to run for so damn LONG. I guess that's for Marathon #2.

    I am happy to hear of your third marathon goal. Based on your previous times from previous blog posts, I was wondering why Boston wasn't mentioned because ... that seems do-able, right?

    1. It seems do-able, but to me it looks like such a daunting time. I'm hoping the foundation I'm building with my maintenance now, as well as the program I'm going to be following will put me where I want to be.

      Now if only I had Deena Kastor's elbows, I'd be set.

  2. I think most people look funny when they run - you aren't alone. I can relate to the sweat thing as well - I can break a sweat just walking outside.

    Love the marathon goal. Kill it!

    1. From what I recall, Erin - you're in Texas. I'd be sweating just flying over your state. :)

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. My gait is all messed up Im sure too.... but its gonna get better cause i just got a dog and he is gonna be my running buddy. You should do a post sometime on running with a pet.

  4. I am so happy that you are deciding to run a marathon! And you are fast! I think you will meet that goal for sure! I think Boston is in your future :)

    Stretching and shit works, though it's time consuming.