Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I must have pleased someone in Blogger's upper echelon.

For some reason in the past 3 weeks, the amount of traffic coming to look at my little corner of the Internet has almost tripled.

I was going to say that it must have something to do with me being fantastically hilarious, that people can't get enough of the Sidekick's witty banter during the weekly podcast, or that word of mouth had gotten out about how fucking cool this place is, but then reality kicked in and I took a look at the facts.

Most of the people who look here come from that little button at the top of your screen that says "Next Blog". They are just people who are cruising Blogger and hoping something jumps out and interests them.

So it turns out that instead of being a place that people hear about and seek out, I'm more like a humorous homeless guy you stumbled upon while out for a stroll. (Dance, monkey! Dance!)

So it turns out that Blogger is just the ones directing traffic towards my corner, probably just a temporary thing until the Internet hiccups again and this place gets as popular as a ghost town.

But whatever - I'm just glad people are reading/listening. I just hope Blogger doesn't expect any "favors" in return - I love this place, but I'm not takin a shot in the mouth for it. (eeeew)


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