Saturday, May 21, 2011


Thirty-five million dollars.

Someone in my hometown won the Lotto Max, and is now a multi-millionaire. Am I envious? Hell yes - money may not buy happiness, but it buys piece of mind, and I'm good with that.

No one knows who the winner is yet, but I can see it going in a couple of directions:

- Someone who deserves to win, needs the money, and will use it to help themselves and others. (Note: least possible outcome.)
- A group of people who work together, who will be unable to touch the money because of legal issues arriving from a suit brought by the co-workers who weren't in on it.
- An elderly couple with no kids or other family who are 5 days from death's door, and will leave it all to the church or their cat, Mr. Puddles.
- Someone who will use the money foolishly, act like a retard, and be destitute and on the street in 3 years.
- Someone who already has more money than they need or know what to do with, who just plays the Lotto to sustain their gambling addiction.

It may sound bitter,but I'm pretty sure I'm right. We'll just have to wait and see.

But if you know (or are) the winner, there's this sweet little blog/podcast that could use a sponsor....



  1. I'm going to eat crow on this one. The guy works out at my gym, I see him 3-4 times a week. He's a really great guy and deserves it.

    Lucky Bastard.


  2. Yeah. I hear he is one of the best guys out there and actually really deserving of a good windfall.

    His dad has been retired for a while but re-entered the workforce. It seems his retirement savings had some problems and the guy didn't have enough money. Thankfully walmart is short one Greeter, again, for all the right reasons. I hear the winner is as good a son as we all want to be, and his dad is once again retired.

    Rumors abound of potential financial problems with their home and biz, and it sounds like he's not only a great guy but was also in a needful way before this happy accident.

    so it was a timely, deserving and excellent windfall for this guy. Nicely done, karma. Nicely done.