Wednesday, May 11, 2011

General Observations

- People (the general public) are insensitive, self-absorbed, and ignorant.
- The fact that the Tim Hortons drive-thru makes me feel that way about my fellow humans is quite sad, really.
- The more time I spend at the pool, the more I have Waterworld fantasies. (minus Kevin Costner)
- Right when you don't want them to, the dog pisses on the carpet.
- The fact that the first thought I have when you say "Escape from New York" is of Adrienne Barbeau's sweet cleavage says a lot about me.
- .....and now it's your mental picture too.
- I still think Crocs are the shittiest shoes ever.
- My phone's autocorrect feature actively hates me, and is hell-bent on making me look retarded or more perverse than I am.
- That being said, I can understand it not being able to grasp the subtle infections of "horsedonkeymonkeycock".
- Flip flops are g-strings for your toes.
- "Bob's your uncle." is a really weird saying when you actually have an Uncle named Bob. It's like, "I know, motherfucker, why do you keep telling me?"
- Soon they will market "American History X" as a Kinect game for the 360 - Neo-nazis will rejoice at unlocking the "curb stomp" feature.
- I'm a lot more jaded when my caffeine ratio is measured in cups, instead of hogsheads. (I'm ol'skool, yo.)



  1. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Lime green crocs in Oyster River are totally rad, let's be real.

  2. i stand by, and in my camo crocs
    best slip ons ever

  3. How I stumbled upon your blog I will never know, I just a blond in the corner. lol But and I know I shouldn,t start with but, I am really glad I did. LOL

  4. Thanks - always appreciate any feedback.. Tell your friends!