Saturday, May 14, 2011

Observations Part Deux

- Watching someone take pictures of things in a magazine - pretend vacation, maybe? Crazy but cheap.
- The Sidekick went to the local watering hole/stomping grounds - I think his disappointment was not that it hasn't really changed, but that they probably handed him the same dirty glass he had the last time he was there.
- I believe that there's a place for everything, and everything has it's place - unfortunately, there are people around me who think elves appear at night and magically put shit away.
- Much like the Sidekick is a beer snob, I am a coffee snob - and sampling the crap we brew here at work is like making him drink mud that's been filtered through a German's socks and calling it beer.
- Listening to Motley Crue while working is like a painful flashback. Fond memories, but it hurts my ears.
- I find Twitter to be equal amounts of witty, insightful comments and news, and pure, unadulterated stupidity.
- At least 50% of the stupidity is funny, so I can deal with it.
- If the world suddenly produced a Cat made out of Bacon, the Internet would explode.


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