Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

- As much as I dig the rural area I work in, when the wind is blowing right and the smell of cowshit drifts in from down the road, I fucking hate it here.
- I bet even Supermodels would look bad if you took a picture of them on the toilet. (What? Everybody poops.)
- There will be a time, many years in the future, when even Vampire Weekend is considered "Classic Rock".
- If Chad Kroeger pays his ex $25000.00 a month, and say he got a blowjob every day, each year they were together, it works out to $821.76/blowjob. I'm no rockstar, but I get that shit for free.
- The first day of working without having to wear ties is fucking sweet.
- As I grow older, I like the things I used to hate, at least food-wise. So I imagine that right before I die, I'll finally like peas.


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