Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plastic Extension.

I was working on the till for a bit today, and something occurred to me:

As men, we treat our debit/credit cards a lot like our dicks, and I think the way we act during a transaction says a lot about us.

Every guy that I served today had their card in their hand, jammed it into the card reader, and couldn't wait to remove it. As for swiping, they would do it upside down, ram it back and forth, and pocket it again as soon as possible. The receipt? Forget it, crumple it and throw it out - they don't want it at all.

The ladies, on the other hand, are completely different - they have their card tucked in a purse or wallet, handle it gently, and wait until the appropriate time before sliding their card in. When the transaction is over they neatly put their card away, wait for the receipt, and proceed on their way.

Quite the difference.

I'll admit, there were people from each gender who acted like the other, but those were few and far between.

Now I'm sure there's a ton of generalizations you could infer from these observations, and the fact that I immediately went to something sexual with the thought says something about me as well, I'm sure. ( I immediately went with the card/cardreader, tab a/slot b idea.)

But if I've thought it, I'm sure some other cashier/clerk/waitress/whatever has as well. So the next time I'm being served, I'm going to treat my card with some respect, not jam it into the reader, and show a little tenderness when finishing the transaction.

I suggest you do the same - can't hurt, right?
(Unless you meet someone who likes their debit machine handled roughly, then go ahead.)



  1. I almost spit-taked (spit-took? spat-took? this is getting erotic) when you said Tab A / Slot B. Kevin would definitely cheers that, if he wasn't upside-down. That sounds dirty too.

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