Thursday, May 26, 2011


- An awesome Roman numeral, (XXXIX), if that "I" didn't get in there and fuck up the symmetry.
- An unlucky number in Afghan numerology, and I know at least one guy in the west who isn't thrilled with it either.
- Title of a song by the Cure, but they suck and no one cares.
- The atomic number of yttrium, which sounds like something George Lucas would have made up - still better than "midichlorions".
- Jersey number of Johan Franzen, Doug Gilmour, Doug Weight, Domink Hasek, Christobal Huet, and a fuckton of other NHL'ers you've never heard of.
- Number of Articles for something to do with the Catholics, I think - can't spend all my time on Wikipedia, people.
- Number of feet in the pole that they wouldn't touch the Grinch with. (I know it's 39.5, I rounded down, alright?)
- Anniversary number in which the gift is "lace". If I'm married for that long, I hope the only lace is a doily on my casket.
- Where "I Won't Let Go" by Rascal Flatts currently sits on the Billboard hot 100. Obviously shows Billboard doesn't know shit if crap like that charts that high.
- How many years old the oldest cat in the world is. (Can someone other than me please make an "old pussy" joke?)

Oh yeah - it's also how old I am today.
Woooooo. (Can you read sarcasm?)



  1. home office4:01 am

    Happy Birthday
    Still midlife for another 10 years?

  2. I will be midlife forever, sir.