Friday, March 04, 2011

Shameful Recognition.

It's an awkward moment, telling someone you have a blog.

There's that moment that hangs in the air -where you wonder if the response will be interest or confusion. Most people my age (around here, anyway) don't seem to grasp the concept.

Needless to say, I usually keep a tight lid on the fact that I write here. I reveal it only to people I know for sure will "get it", and only let them know the address if they ask.

It's not embarrassment of what I write, or the fact that someone known to me will read my rants and rambling. It's more of a pain explaining *why* I'd want to write something that "just anyone" can read.

And that reason is a post in itself.



  1. You listen to John Mayer. Nothing should shame you any more. ;-P

  2. Anonymous5:13 pm

    You never can tell who just might discover your blog. I am sure I don't know you, so you are safe that I won't tell anyone.