Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Hate Erasing

I'm a list type of guy.

To-do lists are my bread and butter at work - being organized makes me look good, and helps me do my job better.

I do have one quirk when it comes to writing out my list:

- if I make any mistake - spelling, prioritization, or otherwise - when writing my list, I have to chuck the whole thing over and start again.

It may seem weird, but I just can't stand to see an imperfection on there - it drives me nuts. Sure, its a waste of paper - but I live in a town whose (former) main export was pulp and paper, so I've been trained for years that we can always just cut another tree down, go ahead and chuck away.

Even if we were still writing on pelts, I'd be the guy who wastes 3 cats just getting his list perfect.

But once its written, it's gold - and since getting it done makes me look like a hero, why mess with success?

Just be grateful that blog writing wasn't all paper based - the amount I stop and restart each post, I would be personally responsible for most of the Amazon deforestation.


1 comment:

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