Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Magnificent Mr. Sheen.

Why is anyone really surprised about what Charlie Sheen is doing, or how he's behaving?

We've lauded him for such actions (on screen, at least) for years.

His filmography reads like a testimonial to womanizing, sex-addicted, hard living douchebags. From Bud Fox to Charlie Crawford to Charlie Harper, they all drank, chased women, and openly displayed their vices.

Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Charlie wasn't acting?

Part of me wants to be the publicly aware Dad that I am and say "That Charlie, so irresponsible." The other part of me is kinda envious about the partying and Porn Stars. (Do ya blame me? I'm a guy, for chissakes- anyone with a dick is lying if they say they don't feel even slightly the same way.)

I think that the media attention that's being given to Charlie is way out of proportion, considering what else is happening in the world, and I'm sure that he feels the same way. But people are watching Charlie Sheen for the same reason they watch Nascar - they are waiting for the crash.

I, for one, hope he makes it out ok. I'm sure he'll eventually get tired of the jet-setting and all the sex, and things will settle down for 'ol Charlie. (Hahaha - ya, I don't think so either.)

Stay the course, Mr. Sheen, you're living the dream for any man over 35. Your midlife crisis is inspiration to us all.


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  1. In a recent lunchroom analysis, we couldn't agree on whether he was playing, faking, really doing it for promotion, actually serious, or a little of each.

    Joachim Phoenix could do it. Why not Carlos?