Saturday, March 05, 2011

Motivation Frustration

I know I've talked before about my lack of motivation when I comes to my days off and doing shit around the house.

But I've hit a different kind of wall.

If you're a regular reader of my Twitter feed, you will notice something has been missing lately. (The first person who says "Yeah, funny shit." Gets shot.) Those updates every time I run? The ones with how far, how long, and when? Yeah - there haven't been any of those for a week or so.

Part of the reason was an injury to my foot, which isn't horrible, but rest and not pushing it are essential. The other is that I've had a chest cold for a week, and the thought of running through a chest full of phlem isn't appealing at all.

What I should be doing is maintaining my diet, hitting the weights at the gym instead of running, and get back to it a.s.a.p.

Problem is, that's not happening. I'm finding it amazingly hard just to get ny ass outta bed in the morning - the combination of wanting to sleep as well as not wanting to freeze my sack off scraping the car have me hobbled.

Last year, I didn't experience this at all - there was no doubt that I'd be at the gym or on the road running each morning. And the fact that I KNOW there's a difference really bothers me.

As Austin Powers said, "I've got to find my mojo, baby."

I'm just not sure how i'm going to do it.


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