Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm not the youngster I used to be.

(I know, you're shocked, right?)

But even though I'm in better shape at 38 than when I was 28, there are some things that take me just a bit longer to recover from than they used to.

A Hockey Game in Vancouverwith the Sidekick, and the resulting beerfest is a great example.

Saw my Avalanche lose to the hometown boys Wednesday night, and I'm still feeling some of the effects.

I'm telling everyone that the problem is the fact that you can't sleep comfortably on the ferry on the way home - if BC Ferries would invest in some bedspace with comfy mattresses, I'd be well rested and feeling chipper.

I can hear your advice - "If you would just act your age and try not to drink like a 22 year old, you'd be fine." - but where's the fun in that?

At least I have the memories of the trip (fuzzy as they are) to console me during the arduous recovery process.

Yeah, its worth it.


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