Monday, March 28, 2011

I Feel:

  • That's it's been a long time since I did an "I Feel" list.
  • That the more reality TV my wife watches, the more I like crazy retarded shows, like Archer & Venture Bros.
  • That being the "Tech Guy" at work just means that people think anything I do with a computer should be twice as fast as if they did it - like I can make Windows 7 boot faster just 'cause it's me.
  • That some days I could just drink coffee and bitch and be happy.
  • That the previous statement made me sound really gay.
  • That after listening to some Smodcast Shows (Hollywood Babble-On & Smodcast), I really wish I would have taken the Sidekick's offer to do a podcast 2 years ago.
  • That the pain involved in a cracked tooth, infection, and root canal is more than I would ever want to deal with again.
  • That being said - I fucking loooove Percocet.
  • That no one should worry - I won't sell DVD's to feed a potential painkiller addiction. But I may trade in the Mother-in-Law's dog.
  • That it's 15 days until the Foo Fighters Wasting Light is released - not that I'm counting or anything.
  • That I still have yet to come up with a way to end one of these things.


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