Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stop In The Name Of Love.

Everything stops when you have a sick kid.

Case in point - Today was to be my day to accomplish things. I was going to clean the garage, mow the backyard, do some errands downtown, and just get shit done. Everything was moving fine until The Boy started throwing up.

We were just about to leave to go out when all of a sudden he says he feels sick and starts to do the "huh-huh" sound. A quick dash for a bowl and it all comes out.

Right at that moment my whole day changed.

I didn't get the lawn mowed. I didn't touch the garage. The backyard? It's a jungle. My biggest challenge today was staying on the couch with The Boy and watching cartoons. He didn't want me to leave, and hey - someone had to hold the bowl, right?

I can get all that other stuff done tomorrow.

(In case you're wondering - he feels much better now.)


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