Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Comic Shops & Rock Stardom.

God I love Victoria.

We just got back from the Big City and everything went great. The Twin is fine, the kids are great, and best of all - I got to hit the Comic Book Store.

I went a tad crazy - but what guy wouldn't when he's walking around with a built in 30% discount off the American cover price? I picked up 4 graphic novels and would have gone for more, but reason (and my Wife) stepped in.

It was great though - I could die happy in there. (I'm such a nerd.)

I went one step further with the Nerdiness, though.

You see, the Twin has Rock Band for his XBox 360.

In the evening, when the kids were tucked in their beds, we would go down to the basement and I would unleash my inner Rock God.

I'll tell you right now, that game is harder than it looks. I played bass to start, but tried the drums and guitar. I even rocked out on the microphone. (I didn't sing "Learning to Fly" as good as Dave, but it was close.) My skills aren't legendary - yet - but in time they will come. I didn't rush out and buy it, but my birthday is coming up, and if I don't get Rock Band, I'm at least expecting Guitar Hero.

Lets see.... Comic Shops,.... Video Games,.... If I would have fixed a computer I could have completed the Nerd Trifecta. (Alas, the Twin has a Mac, and has had no problems with it.)

As much as I love The City it's good to be home. We run at a breakneck speed down there trying to get everything accomplished in the two days we have, so finally being able to relax is great.

(And getting back on a regular blog schedule is nice too - I can tell you all missed me.)

Viva Holidays!


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