Friday, April 28, 2006

Time Flies.

Time is relative.

I know I haven't shocked any of you who have progressed beyond 7th Grade science class, but bear with me, it's an opening line.

You see, earlier today while I was at work, the day just seemed to drag by. It was like I could feel each minute as it passed, sucking just a little more life out of me. This went on for about two hours, or to me at the time, an eternity.

Then things started to go downhill. People started messing up my day, causing me to fall behind on some of my tasks. I had to force myself not to strangle these individuals, as going to jail would have put me even further behind. I don't want to get specific with the details, but simply put, people and their organization (or lack thereof) and technical glitches were the source of my dismay.

Then the day seemed to fly by; when it felt like I had been working at something for 10 minutes, a half hour had zipped by. Then I started to get antsy. Heartrate goes up, mind starts working a mile a minute and I start to see all the things that could put me behind even more start to rear their ugly heads. The thing that frustrates me with this is that when I want to take the time out to talk to someone or just relax, I know in the back of my mind that I'm gonna pay for it later.

As my day came to an end, everything started to come together, and I was able to wrap everything up nicely, or at least have it to a point where I can take care of it tomorrow.

Now that it's over, I found that time has slowed again, and it almost seemed like I got to listen to an extra song in the car on the way home.

Funny, that.



  1. Time does indeed fly and I am a firm beliver in that stupidity can m,ake the day go faster. For the reasons you listed it would seem that the more stupid peopel one has to deal with through out the day the more of their shit you have to fix, therefore the quicker your day seems to go....i almost think that life should have something like injury time in soccer. At the end of a soccer game they add on time they lost through the game dealing with injuries. There should be some way that the stupid people that took time away from you in a day have to repay that time to you. It could be to finish something that you don't want to do or to just stand there while you through rocks at them and berate them verbally.....yup thats my opinion..

  2. ohhh, the throwing of the rocks and verbal abuse. Yesss.

    Isn't that part of Festivus?