Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fuck Like Bunnies.

Well, it's Easter again.


You know, out of all the holidays going, I think that this is the one that's gone farthest from it's original meaning. What does Jesus dying and rising from the grave have to do with eggs and chocolate and bunny rabbits?

( I know someone will comment about the pagan rites of spring being intertwined and amalgamated with this Judea-Christian event, thus becoming the homogeneous, saccharine filled travesty we have nowadays, but Fuck You, it's my rant.)

I'm not a religious person. In fact, of the Ten commandments, I've busted at least six. (I checked) I just think that the original spirit of the holiday should be kept intact. Easter should be a time for reflection and contemplation about you and God. (Or whomever you believe in.) It shouldn't be about candy and treats and bunnies as pets.

I maybe wrong about this, but you know, I just find that every holiday is the same nowadays. It's about the sale, or the party. Not about the real reason we should be celebrating.

And to top that off, why would the Friday Jesus died be Good Friday? It was a pretty bad day for Him.


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  1. Yep. Eostre. Saxon goddess.

    There are no festivals unique to the Cult of Iacov. Luckily the presence of the bunny rather throws off any attempt at nailing down just which pagan festival was stolen.