Friday, April 07, 2006

Hit And Miss.

God, I hate downloading music.

Don't get me wrong, I still think that downloading track by track is a much better alternative than the old days of buying a CD for one good song.

My main problem is that there's so much out there. I sit down and have a slight idea of what I'd like to try out, but it's still all hit and miss. Sometimes I fluke out and get some good tunes, but somedays I'll find that I'm dredging the bottom and just pulling up crap.

Hindsight isn't always twenty-twenty, either. I find that a lot of the music I used to listen to in my younger days just hasn't held up as well. I know that sounds funny as I'm going to see Motley Crue this weekend, but really, outside of some of the larger bands, most of the stuff I used to listen to sounds like shit. Do you remember Tuff? Pretty Boy Floyd? E'nuff Z'nuff? I didn't think so, they didn't age well.

And I just can't trust scanning the radio either. They say Payola is a thing of the past, but c'mon, the general public can't really have that much shitty taste in music. There's got to be big-wigs somewhere deciding what music is going to make you empty your pockets to buy the accessories and live the lifestyle. Just look at what Rap did for all those wanna-be white boys wearing baggy pants and headbands in winter. They didn't come up with that shit on their own.

But here I sit, facing the monitor, trying to decide visually what will be best audibly.
That seems real ass-backwards now, doesn't it?


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