Monday, April 10, 2006

Goodbye Mugs.

My Aunt just passed away today.

I wasn't told about it until later, as my family wanted to wait for me to come home from Victoria before telling me.

From the high of the concert to the low of someone close passing on, it has been a fucked up day in general. After 6:30pm, the motto of the day became "If it can go wrong, it will go wrong."

But I am not going to bitch. (Really, not the time.)

She was a real great woman, close to us when we were growing up, and was always there for us. She helped reconcile a decades long schism in the family, and did it out of sheer will and strength of love. Her focus was always family, and I have never seen anyone as devoted to their children and grandchildren as she was to hers.
Her illness was sudden, and the deterioration over the last eighteen months was hard on her and those around her. She chose to stop all tests, and die peacefully at home, surrounded by those closest to her. She preferred all others to recall her as she was, and not what her illness had done to her.

She will be missed.

I am not sure when the service is, and there probably won't be anything formal, just a small, impromptu ceremony. I am hoping to be able to attend. I have checked it out with work, and as soon as I have a date, they will accommodate me. For the first time, I would actually like to speak at a service, just to expound upon the virtues of a lady who meant so much to me.


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  1. Ddue I am so sorry to hear of your Aunt passing....let me know if anything is needed...