Friday, April 21, 2006

Technological Impotence.

I said I would talk about it, so I will.
But I think I have my definition wrong.

You see, what got me thinking this way was traveling for five hours on B.C. Ferries. Two and a half hours each way. What did I do? Well, I had something to eat (always an exciting risk when traveling the ferries, as one never knows what one is likely to get), I read a bit, and I strolled about the deck, taking in the sights, and checking out my co-confined traveling companions.

The main thing I noticed while on my travels was the incredible amount of portable technology being used by my fellow passengers. I saw at least seven laptops in use, be it for movies, games, or god forbid, one guy was actually doing work. There were also about twelve kids with PSPs, watching movies or gaming, and there were countless iPods and other mp3 players about. And at the end of my stroll, what did I have to go back to?

A Book.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love books. But I left my current read at home, as it is not my book ( I don't travel with other peoples books - I don't want to risk damaging them.) so I had to make do with what I bought from the Gift Shop. But after seeing all the nifty things others were doing to while away the time, I felt kind of let down by my book.
Hell, it would have been better at that moment if it was an e-book, or a mp3 file of the audiobook, or just something other than a lump of paper in my hand. Just sitting there, taunting me with its flaccid, floppy pages.

I guess it comes down to envy, really. I want the shiny, blinky toys like those other people have. I feel let down by my own lack of technology. Or at least disappointed in what's there.



  1. I have a love-hate relationship with the ferry. I hate it because of the food always poisons me, the smell repluses me, and the people crowd me. But I love it because it is the best place to people watch. There is always that one person where you can't tell regardless of how hard you stare whether they are a man or a woman. Androgyny can be quite entertaining when you are confined to a boat for 2 hours.

  2. I, too, am a massive ferry-stroller: I get on, and to do my laps. I think that they should streamline the deck a bit more so that we can do circuits of many decks without so much backtracking.

    A lot of it is to, yes, see the freaks I'm stuck with. I don't get a Pat with each trip, but occasionally there is one.

    Oh god. Please don't let it be me.

    I know I expect to see one complete nutjob on every ferry trip, just lik eon a metro bus, and I'm not sure if my book - I'm so impressed at the care you take - is something to pass away the time or a means through which I can build a wall of Someone Else's Problem around me in the hopes it will protect me.

  3. I, like those above am also a fan of the ferry ride. Mostly I like the people watching...which along with the overpriced food and beverages makes for great fun. On the tech side I don't think you shopuld fall into the trap. As you know i too like the toys and such and yes i do want the ipod...but to seetle down to a book I think you sir are on the edge of the vangaurd to not be settling and giving in to the trend. Embrace the book my ggod it, turn the pages , smell the ink..can't get that form an ipod Or PSP no sir I commend you on reading the book.......feel better now?